Bar Zurich: Gazpacho Heaven

poplar walk.jpgPlatos Combinados from: 7.50€
Closed: Don't know
We like: Vaso de Gazpacho, Bocadillo de Atún
Value for €: *****

You find yourself in the Poniente de Granada, driving through the superb vega and avoiding at all cost the A92. Its hot and you want to be outside but the sun is just too searing for anything that involves action. Sooner or later you will stumble across Villanueva Mesía, a small town very close the motorway but protected from the noise and fumes by forests of poplars. In this special place there are dappled walking tracks alongside the Genil that wind their way in and out of the town.

The town appears very sleepy (though perhaps there is more to it than meets the eye as the shopkeepers still take excitedly of the bank hold-up that took place there a year or two ago) but in the small plaza on Avenida de Andalucía there is a wonderful bar that justifies a visit to the town on a hot summers afternoon if the forests do not tempt you.

Bar Zurich has seats outside, ample parking at lunch time and a really well-priced menu. Perhaps the most attractive of all though is the large glass of gazpacho that is served up for just 1.50€. I couldn't resist it - so I had two and was in gazpacho heaven. Impressive too was the tuna bocadillo - enormous, fresh bread and cheap. What more could we have asked for? Good service? That was there too.

Avenida de Andalucia

18369 Villanueva Mesía


Anonymous said...

Tuna is not vegetarian!

the veggie crew said...

Well, yes and no. There are many people that broadly define themselves as - fish eating vegetarians - such as the Queen of Spain, and that whatever we individually think of about it, people do use the definition to describe themselves that way. Its a tricky one.

For those that are not in agreement, then we have made the fish category separate so that you will not accidentally find yourself ordering pil-pill when you meant pimiento.

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