Kiosko Las Titas

Menu del día: 12€
Closed: Mondays
We like: Ensalada Rusa, Montaditos de Salmon
Value for €: ***

In the centre of town there are many bars to escape Granada's heat but if you are driving in and want somewhere with a tranquil atmosphere then head in past the Science Museum and the Palacio de Congresos until you reach the river Genil and a lengthy park/paseo area with a car park on the right.

Leave the vehicle here - its just a few minuted walk to the center up the beautiful Carrera del Genil - and head across the nearest bridge to enter the park. Look for the spires of the Kiosko Las Titas and you will have arrived at one of the few really tranquil outside bars in the very center of the city. The Kiosko is in fact a large bar/restaurant that is not as expensive as you may first think. We had an enormous Ensaladilla Rusa for 4.00€ , Gazpacho at 2.80€ and a couple of Montaditos de salmon for just 2.70€ each.

The tropical surroundings are lush and the proximity to the river leaves a freshness in the air that is lost as you move further into the centre.

Raciones from 7.50€ e.g. Bonito con cogollos y pimientos asados
Montaditos: Bacalao - 3.50€, Bonito - 3.90€, Tortilla - 2.20€, Queso Añejo - 2.00€

Paseo de la Bomba, s/n
18008 Granada
Tel: 958 12 00 19


Anonymous said...

This is great info! Can't wait to see more.

Mick & Jo said...

Just back from visiting Granada (June 2008) and we thought Las Titas was fabulous. Generous portions - Ensalada Rusa is still 4 euros.....luckily the waiter stopped us over-ordering.....he was right. Wine / Cava reasonable, as well. A very hearty lunch with a bottle of cava for 30 euros. They now have water-vapour sprayers, under some of their canopies, to help with the midday heat. Very busy at this time of year at night though.....people queueing to get a table (around 11pm).

kevin said...

Salmon is not a vegetarian option!

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